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Chapter 8: Continual Career Exploration

In conclusion, remember that the process of career exploration and preparation is ongoing. Because your interests, skills, and preferences change, you should periodically reevaluate career choices and options to determine if you could more effectively use your skills, abilities, and talents in a different occupation or a different organization. Correspond with your contacts on a regular basis and investigate available positions, but be careful not to take steps that may jeopardize your present position - you may find that it is still the best job for you.

This advice is not meant to suggest that you should not be committed to your current employer. Career exploration, preparation, and advancement can take place throughout a career with the same employer. However, if you are driven by challenge and want to move forward in your career, a change can provide many opportunities for advancement and challenge.

Finally, donít jump at a quick and easy job offer. Job opportunities are available to you right now. But would these opportunities allow you to continue down the chosen path of career exploration and development? Assess your goals and abilities. Ask yourself what will make you happy. Prepare yourself for the most rewarding career possible and go out and get it.

As you move through the process of career planning and development remember to continually challenge yourself to reach your goals. The justice system needs dedicated professionals who will constantly work to improve the system. This text has been prepared to facilitate this process. By following the guidelines outlined in this text you can become a skilled career planner who is responsible for a very important career Ė your own.

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