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General Resources-Search Engines and Reference Tools

Search Engines-Using a search engine is one of the most effective ways to find information on the internet.† While search engines give internet users the opportunity to gather information relatively easy, there are a few things that should be understood when using search engines.† The following links provide information on how to effectively use search engines.

bullet Search Engine Watch-This site helps students to use search engines better.† It provides tips on using search engines and the different types of searches they employ.† It also provides links and ratings to various search engines available on the web.
bullet The Spiders Apprentice: A Helpful Guide to Web Search Engines-All about helping you search the Web more efficiently. This site explains to you how your search engines work.† Advise is given on improving your own search engine ranking by careful use of meta-tags and keywords.† Students are guided in figuring out which search engines are most effective for the various types of searches, as well as how to use different search features.
bullet Getting the Most Out of Your Search Engines-This site helps users to understand the different techniques used with search engines.† It explains how to properly use keywords and how to use Boolean "advanced searches" to gather information.
bullet Basic Techniques for Creating a Search Engine Query-Explains how basic queries work for most search engines.† The information and tips contained at this site are generally true of all search engines and directories.

The following links are some of the webs most frequently used and highest rated search engines.

bullet FAST Search Engine-This site is one of the newer search engines on the internet.† It has a very large search index and is very simple to use.† It is considered by many as the fastest search engine with the most comprehensive search return on the net.† A good place to start in searching for information on the internet.
bullet Google-Another search engine with a large search index.† It is also very simple and easy to use.† Provides the ability to do special searches on government documents and even indexes pdf files.† Rated one of the best search engines on the world wide web.
bullet Northern Light-This search engine is also fairly new to the internet.† One of the more attractive features of using this site is that it organizes information into different categories allowing for easy selection of relevant information.
bullet Yahoo-One of the most popular search engines on the net.† While this is not strictly a search engine, it can be better cast as a meta-search engine in that if it cannot locate a hit for a given search it will give the option of redirecting through the use of other search engines on the web.

Reference Tools-The following links are to dictionaries, thesauruses, and citation and style guides for referencing and citing information.

bullet YourDictionary.com
bullet Research-It!
bullet Merriam-Webster On Line
bullet Dictionary.com
bullet Citation and Style Guide

Criminal Justice Link Pages

bullet Cecil Greek-This site links to just about everything you've ever wanted to know about criminal justice.
bullet Dr. O'Connors Criminal Justice Mega Links-Many links to criminal justice information. It takes a bit of work to sift through everything but this site has many links.
bullet Jeff's Criminal Justice Links-Another large site providing links to criminal justice resources on the web.††

General Criminal Justice Information and Statistical Sites

bullet Bureau of Justice Statistics-A federal statistics site, this site offers statistics on all areas of the criminal justice system including crime and victims, criminal offenders, sentencing, and corrections.
bullet National Archive for Criminal Justice Data-This is an excellent site for lots of information and related links for criminal justice.† This site provides access to electronic criminal justice data collections for research and instruction and they are provided free of charge.
bullet National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)-This site provides data on information that is obtained from a national survey of about 50,000 U.S. households.† Information gathered is on frequency, characteristics and consequences of criminal victimization in the U.S.
bullet National Criminal Justice Reference Service-This site gives access to statistical information in various areas of the criminal justice system.† It also allows for visitors to search for full text publications relating to criminal justice.
bullet National Institute of Justice (NIJ)-This site provides access to publications and reports issued by the NIJ for research on crime control and justice issues.† The publications come in PDF formats and ASCII formats.† Research reports issued by the feds can be found here.
bullet Source Book of Criminal Justice Statistics-This site brings together data from more than 100 sources dealing with all aspects of the criminal justice system in the United States.† The information is displayed in over 600 tables.
bullet The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics-This is a large web site providing several links to other related sites with information and statistics about criminal justice.
bullet Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)-Conducted by the FBI, Uniform Crime Reports supply information on crime statistics from over 17,000 law enforcement agencies from across the nation who voluntarily report crime information.

Non-Profit Criminal Justice Information Sites

bullet Institute for Law and Justice-The Institute for Law and Justice (ILJ) is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to consulting, research, evaluation, and training in criminal justice.† This site contains links to quality research reports in their entirety.
bullet Koch Crime Institute-KCI is an organization committed to research and policy analysis that identifies and promotes meaningful strategies in crime reduction and prevention. It provides expertise and resources to increase public safety by forming partnerships with businesses, law enforcement agencies, civic organizations, and state agencies.
bullet Vera Institute of Justice-Vera is a non-profit organization that does research in the field of criminal justice.† On this web site, you’ll find information on the core areas of the criminal justice system, including crime and victimization, policing, the judicial process, sentencing and corrections, and institutions for youth.

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