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This site includes information about criminal justice, social justice, criminology, law, dispute resolution, and other topics of interest to those studying justice related topics. As this is a long term project, several pages on this site remain under construction. We hope this site is helpful to students studying topics related to crime, law, and justice. This site includes information about justice education and careers. We have also included pages we hope will help you practice research and writing skills that are so important to justice professionals. We have also included links to justice related news.

"Scholarship Revisited," by Ernest Boyer (1990), serves as a guide in designing this site. Boyer encouraged academics to consider a range of activities in their definitions of “scholarship.” Boyer’s definition of scholarship includes four overlapping activities:

  • discovery - creating and sharing knowledge;
  • integration - providing meaning by placing knowledge in context;
  • application - actively engaging with society, and;
  • learning - helping others gain understanding.
Information found in this site includes:
  • Web-based Courses - Links to several online courses are included. You are free to review the material but will have to enroll in the course to earn college credit. The majority of the material is freely available but some areas are password protected and available only to students enrolled in the course.
  • Homework Help - These pages are provided to assist the student/researcher in the various steps required in researching a topic and writing a research paper.
  • Learning - Includes links to learning objects, online surveys, and hundreds of links to a variety of criminal justice sites on the internet. Links are arranged topically and can be used as supplemental material in classes.
  • Careers - Information about the range of justice system careers.
  • CJ Links - An extensive list of links to online information, web sites, and other items of interest.
  • CJ News - News feeds with special emphasis on crime news or other news of interest to CJ students.
  • CJ Programs - Links to undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Justice.
  • Distance Education - Information about designing online course material. Includes a listing of relevant issues, complete with links that provide additional information. This page also includes links to web-based criminal justice programs.


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